Programa 4 Seminário

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4th International Seminar on Urban Conservation

Programa  Program

22 de Novembro November, 22nd

Abertura Opening (17:00–19:00h)

Coordenador Chairman

Prof. Dr. Sílvio Mendes Zancheti, Director of CECI

Relator Rapporteur

Prof. Dr. Tomas Lapa (CECI/MDU)

  • Centre for Advanced Studies in Integrated Conservation (CECI)

  • Pos-Graduate Program in Urban Development, Federal University of Pernambuco (MDU/UFPE)

  • Prefeitura da Cidade do Recife (PCR)

  • Fundação Joaquim Nabuco (FJN)

  • Instituto do Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional (IPHAN)

Introdução Introduction: Sílvio Mendes Zancheti (CECI/MDU) - Interfaces in integrated conservation: issues regarding knowledge, technology and communication

Conferência Lecture: Herb Stovel (Carleton University, Canada) – The case for urban conservation: bridging the perception gap.

Cocktail (19:30h)

23 de Novembro November, 23rd

1ª Sessão 1st Session (9:00 – 13:30h)

Urban conservation across the limits of disciplines: can shared values and common goals lead to cohesive action?

Coordenadores Chairpersons

Paulius Kulikauskas (Lithuania) - Cultural continuity of human settlements as essential prerequisite for quality of life

Apresentações Presentations

2ª Sessão 2nd Session (15:00 – 18:00)

Technology and new interfaces in the service of urban conservation – useful tools or fancy distractions?

Coordenador Chairperson

Paulo Carneiro da Cunha (Brasil) – Communication, interfaces and heritage: the city as a tool, technology as a distraction

Apresentações Presentations

Apresentação especial  Special presentation: Beatriz Lima Caixa Econômica Federal (CAIXA)

Conferência Lecture: Dr. Mona Serageldin, Harvard University (USA) – Managing change in historic centers: different perspectives and divergent economic interests.

24 de Novembro November, 24th

3ª Sessão 3rd Session (9:00–12:30)

Communication across disciplines in urban conservation: how can poets talk to engineers?

Coordenadores Chairpersons

Ana Carnem Jara Casco (IPHAN, Brasil) and Sueli Schiffer (FAUUSP, Brasil) – Public actions, interdisciplinary approaches and social participation: assembling cooperation in urban conservation

Apresentações Presentations

  1. Elisabeth Merk (Germany) – Halle/Saale a case study about poetry and participation

  2. Giovanna Rosso Del Brenna (Italy) – Industrial archaeology and contemporary arts

  3. José Luis Miralles i Garcia (Spain) – Land development: between logic and myth

  4. Lynne Di Stefano; Lee Hoyin; Sharif Shams Imon (Hong Kong) – Bridging differences: A model for effective communication between different disciplines through training programmes for professionals

  5. Gisle Erlien; Randi Kveine (Norway) – Disciplines, attitudes and practical tools for a change

Conferência Lecture: Prof. Dr.Vera Pallamin (FAUUSP, Brazil) – Public art and urban landscape as conservation objectives: the case of Florence, after 1945.

4ª Sessão 4th Session (14:00h – 18:00h)

Will new interfaces bridging disciplinary knowledge of professionals and non-disciplinary perception of the public bring better decisions or yet more divergence?

Coordenadores Chairpersons

Virgínia Pontual (UFPE, Brazil) and Tomas Lapa (UFPE, Brazil) - The interaction of knowledge, technical expertise and communication in the integrated conservation process.

Apresentações Presentations

  1. Tarcísio Rodrigues Botelho (Brazil) – Urban revitalization practices and their appropriation by the local population: an analysis of the process in São Luís (Brazil)

  2. Ana Rita Sá Carneiro, José Fernandes Menezes, Liana Mesquita (Brazil) – The conservation of historical gardens in a multidisciplinary contextThe "cactário da Madalena", Recife, Brazil

  3. Katri Lisitzin, Magnus Ljung (Sweden) – Building shared perspectives in heritage management

  4. Maísa Veloso (Brazil) – Disciplinary knowledge versus public perception and participation in urban conservation - some contradictions between discourse and actual practice in Brazil

  5. Lloyd Chapman (USA), Luisa De Marco (Italy), Divay Gupta (India), Rohit Jigyasu (India), Joan Reguant Aleix (Andorra), Janet R. Stephenson (New Zeland) – Facing the interfaces between professionals and non-professionals in conservation: Issues and challenges in multiple contexts - The reflections of some ITUC-02 course participants

Conferência Lecture: Saúl Alcántara Ángeles Matias (Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Azcapotzalco, Mexico) Landscapes and historical gardens in Mexico: knowledge, protection and value

25 de Novembro November, 25th

Conclusões Conclusions (9:00h – 12:00h)

Coordenadores Chairpersons: CECI and MDU/UFPE

Conferência Lecture: Antônio Augusto Arantes, President of IPHAN (Brazil)

Presentation of Conclusions and Recommendations: Prof. Tomas Lapa (Brazil) 

  • Edja Trigueiro, Iana Alexandra Rufino, Gilton Batista Filho e Nathália Diniz (Brazil) – Seridó’s built heritage: to whom it may concern

  • Ana Elisabete Medeiros, Valério Augusto Soares de Medeiros, (Brazil) – When "mediator" means "facilitator": understanding integrated conservation from a geoprocessing technique point of view

  • Rodrigo Cury Paraizo (Brazil) – Urban heritage representations in hyperdocuments : The Monroe Palace in Rio de Janeiro

  • Flávio de Lemos Carsalade (Brazil) – Culture as a methodological key

  • Lesley Townsend (South Africa) – Heritage Surveying/Mapping/Recording and its integration into the planning processes within the context of community participation and training and job creation

  • Betina Adams (Brazil) – Challenges and trends: the trajectory of urban preservation in Florianópolis / Santa Catarina Island / Brazil

  • Lineu Castello (Brazil) – The concept of place as a methodological interface for integrated conservation planning

  • Norma Lacerda and Paulo Abílio Queiróz (Brazil) - The conservation of urban structures: speculations on political and spatial legitimacy

  • Branka Sekaric (Serbia) – The historical town of Sremski Karlovci: The program of coordination of cultural, historical and landscape resources in optics of local development

  • Jeffrey Hou (USA ) – Preserving for multiple publics: contesting views of urban conservation in Seattle’s international district



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