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OLINDA - Memória e Esquecimento


This article discusses recent urban practices in historical sites. It highlights those practices which have been praised by some professionals for being a new and efficient way of thinking about towns and cities and criticised by others for being “cultural marketeering”. Another argument put forward is that some practices consider the history of a place as a cultural value but weaken its uniqueness and singularity through intervention. The article explores the reconstitution of the historical formation of the site of Olinda by answering the following question: which urban planning practices lead to the weakening or the strengthening of the historical preservation of a place? Thus, facts of the past are cited that seem to indicate why the result was destruction and loss. Throughout the article the discussion is related to the descriptions of annalists and texts of historians who report the formation of the then small town in the Captaincy of Pernambuco.

Virgínia Pontual e Vera Milet *


Texto discussão 05

* Virgínia Pontual é professora dos Programas de Pós-Graduação em História e em Desenvolvimento Urbano e do Centro de Conservação Integrada Urbana e Territorial (CECI) da UFPE. Vera Milet é professora e pesquisadora do Centro de Conservação Integrada Urbana e Territorial (CECI/UFPE).