Proceedings of the 5th International Seminar on Urban Conserva

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Papers included in the proceedings of the 5th International Seminar

Changing Role and Relevance of Urban Conservation Charters

A case study of effective conservation practice. The application of some urban conservation charters in the rehabilitation of the “Avenida Modelo” in Rio de Janeiro historical center: Evelyn Furquim Werneck Lima (Brazil)

A charter for each intervention, from generic to specific principals: Paul Meurs (Netherlands)

Archaeology and Fate: an evaluation of the effectiveness of international conventions, charters, recommendations and guidelines on the conservation of archaeological heritage in Zimbabwe: Ancila Nhamo (Zimbabwe)

Contemporary trends in conservation: Dematerialization, significance and cultural sustainability: Honório Nicholls Pereira (Brazil)

Excuses to destroy heritage: Carla Texeira Coelho & Inês El-Jaick Andrade (Brazil)

From authenticity in the heritage charters to recognition of their dimensions in the city: Sílvio Zancheti, Catarina Dourado, Fábio Cavalcanti, Flaviana Lira & Rosane Piccolo (Brazil)

Gentrification: is it possible to avoid it?: Julio Cesar Ribeiro Sampaio (Brazil)

Heritage protection and urban conservation and planning: the case of São Cristovão, Rio de Janeiro: Andréa da Rosa Sampaio (Brazil)

Integrated and sustainable conservation: Christer Gustafsson & Jan Rosvall (Sweden)

International urban conservation charters: catalytic or passive tools of urban conservation practices among developing countries?: Allan Kenneth Birabi (Uganda)

Interpreting charters and defining the limits of healthy co-habitation between the new and the ancient: Tomás de Albuquerque Lapa & Raphael Ferraz A. de Melo (Brazil)

Urban conservation: urban planning in the 20th Century -The case of Slovenia: Breda Mihelič & Kaliopa Dimitrovska-Andrews (Slovenia):

Montreal’s Plateau Mont-Royal borough: an innovative approach to conserving and enhancing an historic urban neighborhood: Isabelle Laterreur, Marlène Schwartz & Claude Laurin; Susan Bronson (Canada)

Revisiting Conservation charters in context of Lomanthang, Nepal: Need to account for changing contexts: Neel Kamal Chapagain (United States of America)

The applicability of the Declaration of Amsterdam in Brazil: Case studies of Bairro do Recife (Recife), Pelourinho (Salvador) and Praia Grande (São Luís): Natália Miranda Vieira (Brazil)

The contribution of the concept of cultural landscape to the management of the cultural and natural heritage: Onilda Bezerra & Vera Mayrinck (Brazil)

The implication of tourism charters and authenticity in world heritage city: Natsuko Akagawa (Australia)

The international conventions, the organized civil society and the protection to the world-wide patrimony cities. The case of Olinda’s historical centre: Vera Milet, Virgínia Pontual & Juliana Barreto (Brazil)

The plurality of truth in culture, context, and heritage: a post-modern analysis of urban conservation charters: Jeremy C. Wells (United States of America)

The Relevance of Urban Conservation Charters in the World Heritage Cities in the Arab States: Eman Assi (United Arab Emirates)

The restoration of Burle Marx Gardens in Recife and the vision of Paradise of Florence Charter: Ana Rita Sá Carneiro, Aline de Figueirôa Silva & Fátima Mafra (Brazil)

The universalization of the concept and legal instruments of cultural diversity in the face of present day space-time configurations: the contribution of new media: Eliane Lordello & Norma Lacerda (Brazil)

To maintain invisible? The case of Icheri Sheher, Baku: Andrey Ivanov (Russia)

Towards New International Guidelines in the Conservation of Historic Urban Landscapes: Ron Van Oers (Nederlands)

International Charters On Conservation: The Lost C(L)Auses: Paulius Kulikauskas (Lithuania)

Which urban plan for an urban heritage? An overview of recent Portuguese practice on integrated conservation: Adelino Gonçalves (Portugal)

Papers included only in the proceedings

Conservation of built heritage in Recife, Brazil: Amélia Reynaldo & Nilson Pereira (Brazil)

Historic environment: preservation principles: Inês El-Jaick Andrade (Brazil)

Retail business and the decharacterization of the architecture in the historical site of São José (Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil). A warning for the new conservation directives: Maria de Lourdes Carneiro da Cunha Nóbrega (Brazil)

Srinagar city - a case for lack of protection: Mubashir U I Malik (United Kingdom)



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