Attributes Of Modern Architecture And Conservation Action

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This paper sets out to identify the attributes that bear the values of the modern building and to define concepts that enable a more uniform understanding to be reached of the stages of evaluating and making judgments on attributes. There is also discussion on how conservation action can interfere with the attributes of a building. Attributes bear values and it is desirable that they are expressed with integrity and authenticity.

The Operational Guidelines for the Implementation of the World Heritage Convention lists a series of attributes, but does not define them. This study used two categories of cases to identify the attributes of modern architecture: significant historiographical buildings and properties that belong to the World Heritage List. The method used to identify and construct concepts was content analysis. The hypothesis was made that there were attributes not specified by UNESCO. The study conceptualizes ten attributes that characterize modern architectural buildings, two of which are new: interconnection and interpenetration; and integration of the arts. The common understanding of the attributes is a contribution towards drawing up a methodology to assist judging conservation actions on the integrity and authenticity of modern buildings.

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